What is a web designer?

What is a web designer / web designer?

A web designer is an expert in designing and developing websites. He works to ensure that a website not only looks good, but is also user-friendly and technically up-to-date.

A web designer starts by getting a clear understanding of who the website’s target audience is and what the website’s goals are. He then creates a concept for the design and navigation of the website. He makes sure that the design is in line with the brand values and appeals to the target audience.

A web designer also works closely with developers to ensure that the website is technically up to date and meets all requirements. This includes, for example, optimizing the website for search engines (SEO) and adapting it to different devices and screen sizes (responsive design).

A web designer is also responsible for making the website easy to use and navigate. He therefore tests the website for usability and makes recommendations for improvement.

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